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Featured Artist
John Gibbon on His Art

John Gibbon discusses and demonstrates his unique sound and light instruments in his "Bell Garden".

It took me thirty years of inconclusive investigation to realize . . .the true essence of a Bell Garden.

My art can be called “microtimbal explorations of sound patterns” not too far from a percussionist’s view of music.

Once I realized I was exploring a path that was different from anyone . . .I started to feel much more passionate about my work. It was as if I was in a race with time to share and establish a new art form. . .I felt free from restrictions about sound frequencies having harmonious relationships with other frequencies. . .I became much more able to give attention to the visual aspects of my art.

I would like my work to invite people’s eyes to dance as they see [my instruments] interfacing with light sources in the environment being reflected in the polish, distorted by their surfaces. . .offering people new experiences as they immerse. . .in synaesthetic sound feedback.

Interview with John Gibbon (PDF)
Reprinted: Self Taughts
Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles

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