The Works of William S. Burroughs

Last Updated: 1995

Burroughs is a hard guy to catalog. He contributed readily to many zines and small publications, and enjoyed collaborating on loose terms with a wide variety of creative people. I think it's safe to say that this list represents only a fraction of his entire body of work.


Junky: Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict
(under the pseudonym William Lee until 1964)
Ace Books, 1953

The Naked Lunch
Olympia Press, 1959.

The Soft Machine
Olympia Press, 1961.

The Ticket That Exploded
Olympia Press, 1962.

Dead Fingers Talk
Contains excerpts from Naked Lunch, The Soft Machine and The Ticket That Exploded
Calder/Olympia Press, 1963.

Nova Express
Grove, 1964.

Roosevelt After Inauguration
Under pseudonym Willy Lee
Fuck You Press, 1964.

Valentine's Day Reading
American Theatre for Poets, 1965.

The White Subway
Aloes Books, 1965.

Health Bulletin: APO:33:A Metabolic Regulator
Fuck You Press, 1965.

"C" Press, 1965.

They Do Not Always Remember
Delacorte, 1968.

Ali's Smile
Unicorn Books, 1969.

The Dead Star
Nova Broadcast Press, 1969.

The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead
Grove, 1971.

Electronic Revolution
Blackmoor Head Press, 1971.

Mayfair Academy Series More or Less
Urgency Press Ripoff, 1973.

Viking/Seaver, 1973.

The Book of Breething
OU Press, 1974.

Port of Saints
Convent Garden Press, 1975.

Cobblestone Gardens
Cherry Valley, 1976.

The Retreat Diaries
City Moon, 1976.

Naked Scientology
Expanded Media Editions, 1978.

Short Novels
Calder, 1978.

Doctor Benway: A Variant Passage from "The Naked Lunch"
Bradford Morrow, 1979.

Blade Runner: A Movie
Blue Wind Press, 1979.

Early Routines
Cadmus Editions, 1981.

Cities of the Red Night
Holt, 1981.

The Place of Dead Roads
Holt, 1984.

Viking, 1986.


The Exterminator
With Brion Gysin
Auerhaun Press, 1960.

Minutes To Go
With Brion Gysin, Sinclair Beiles and Gregory Corso
Two Cities Editions, 1960.

With Lee Harwood
Lovebooks, 1965.

So Who Owns Death TV?
With Claude Pelieu and Carl Weissner
Beach Book Texts and Documents, 1967.

The Braille Film
With Carl Weissner
Nova Broadcast Press, 1970.

Third Mind
With Brion Gysin
Grove, 1970.

Jack Kerouac (in French)
With Claude Pelieu
L'Herne, 1971.

Brion Gysin Let the Mice In
With Brion Gysin and Ian Somerville
Something Else Press, 1973.

With Charles Gatewood
Strawberry Hill, 1975.

Snack: Two Tape Transcripts
With Eric Mottram
Aloes Books, 1975.


A Casebook on the Beat
Edited by Thomas Parkinson
Crowell, 1961.

The Final Academy: Statements of a Kind
Edited by Roger Ely
Final Academy, 1982.


Exhibition catalog

The Last Words of Dutch Schultz: A Fiction in the Form of a Film Script
Cape Goliard Press, 1970.

23 Skidoo
Author of text
First produced in New York City at the Washington Square Methodist Church
April, 1978.


Ah Pook is Here and Other Texts: The Book of Breething, Electronic Revolution
Calder, 1979.

A William Burroughs Reader
Pan Books, 1982.

The Burroughs File
Includes The White Subway, Cobblestone Gardens and The Retreat Diaries
City Lights, 1984.


The Adding Machine: Collected Essays
Calder, 1985.


The Yage Letters
With Allen Ginsberg
City Lights, 1963.

Letters to Allen Ginsberg, 1953-1957
Full Court Press, 1981.


Towers Open Fire
With Brion Gysin

Bill and Tony
With Antony Balch


Call Me Burroughs
English Bookshop, 1965.

William S. Burroughs/John Giorno
Giorno Poetry Systems, 1975.

You're the Man I Want To Share My Money With
Giorno Poetry Systems, 1981.

Nothing Here Now but the Recordings
Industrial Records, 1981.

Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record)
Ronald Feldmann Fine Arts, 1982.

Old Lady Sloan
Recorded by Mortal Micronotz on the album "The Mortal Micronotz"
Fresh Sounds, 1982.

Life is a Killer
Giorno Poetry Systems.

The "Priest" They Called Him
With Kurt Cobain on guitar
Tim Kerr Records, 1992.

Spare Ass Annie

Dead City Radio
Island Records, 1990.


Entretiens avec William Burroughs
Editions Pierre Belfond, 1969.
Translation published as The Job: Interviews with William S. Burroughs
Grove, 1970.

Film and TV Appearances

Drugstore Cowboy
Directed by Gus Van Sant

Burroughs is currently appearing in a sneaker commercial -- I can't remember if it's Adidas or Nike or whatever (am I alone here in that I don't see footwear as a deeply meaningful experience and don't give a fuck what kind of sneakers I'm wearing?)

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