The Works of Gregory Corso

Thanks to Kelly Nagle for preparing this bibliography. Last updated 1995

The Vestal Lady on Brattle and other poems
Richard Brukenfeld, 1955.

City light Books, 1958.

A Pulp Magazine for the Dead Generation: Poems
With Henk Marsman
Dead Language, 1959.

The Happy Birthday of Death
New Directions, 1960.

Minutes to Go
With Sinclair Beiles, William Burroughs and Brion Gysin
Two Cities, 1960.

The American Express
Olympia, 1961.

The Minicab War: The Gotla War-Interview with Minicab Driver and Cabbie
Matrix Press, 1961.

Long Live Man
New Directions, 1962.

Selected Poems
Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1962.

The Mutation of the Spirit
Death Press, 1964.

The Geometric Poem
Cosmopresse, 1966.

10 Times a Poem
Poets Press, 1967.

Elegiac Feelings American
New Directions, 1970.

Phoenix Book Shop, 1971.

Gregory Corso
Phoenix Book Shop, 1971.

The Night Last Night Was at Its Nightest
Phoenix Book Shop, 1972.

Earth Egg
Unmuzzled Ox, 1974.

Way Out: A Poem in Discord
Bardo Matrix, 1974.

Herald of the Autochthonic Spirit
New Directions, 1981.

Herald of the Autochthonic Spirit
New Directions, 1981.

Thunder's Mouth Press, 1989.

Literary Kicks
by Levi Asher