The Works of Michael McClure

Thanks to Kelly Nagle for preparing this bibliography. Last updated 1995.

Jonathan Williams, 1956.

For Artaud
Totem Press, 1959.

Hymns to St. Geryon and Other Poems
Auerhahn Press, 1959.

The New Book/A Book of Torture
Grove, 1961.

Dark Brown
Auerhahn Press, 1961.

Meat Science Essays
City Lights Books, 1963.

Ghost Tantras
privately printed, 1964.

The Blossom; or Billy the Kid
American Theatre for Poets, 1964.

13 Mad Sonnets
privately printed, 1965.

The Beard
Oyez, 1965.

Poisoned Wheat
Oyez, 1965.

Unto Caesar
Dave Haselwood, 1965.

With Bruce Conner
Dave Haselwood, 1966.

Love Lion Book
Four Seas Foundation, 1966.

Freewheelin' Frank, Secretary of the Angels
With Frank Reynolds
Grove, 1967.

The Sermons of Jean Harlow and the Curses of Billy the Kid
Four Seasons Foundation/Dave Haselwood, 1968.

Hail Thee Who Play
Black Sparrow Press, 1968.

Muscled Apple Swift
Love Press, 1968.

Little Odes and The Raptors
Black Sparrow Press, 1969.

Grove, 1970.

The Mad Cub
Bantam, 1970.

The Adept
Delacorte, 1971.

Gargoyle Cartoons - includes The Shell, The Cherub, The Pansy, The Meatball, Spider Rabbit, Apple Glove, The Authentic Radio Life of Bruce Conner and Snoutburbler, The Bow, The Sail, The Dear and The Feather
Delacorte, 1971.

The Mammals - includes The Feast, The Blossom; or, Billy the Kid, and Pillow
Cranium Press, 1972.

The Book of Joanna
San Dollar, 1973.

Solstice Blossom
Arif Press, 1973.

Rare Angel
Black Sparrow Press, 1974.

A Fist-Full (1956-1957)
Black Sparrow Press, 1974.

Fleas 189-195
Black Sparrow Press, 1974.

September Blackberries
New Directions, 1974.

Jaguar Skies
New Directions, 1975.

Gorf; or, Gorf and the Blind Dyke
New Directions, 1976.

Poythress Press, 1977.

The Grabbing of the Fairy
Truck Press, 1978.

Josephine The Mouse Singer
New Directions, 1980.

Scratching the Beat Surface
North Point Press, 1982.

Fragments of Perseus
New Directions, 1983.

The Beard; and Vktms: two plays
Grove Press, 1985.

Selected Poems
New Directions, 1986.

Literary Kicks
by Levi Asher