The Works of Gary Snyder

Thanks to Kelly Nagle for preparing this bibliography. Last updated 1995.

Origin Press, 1959.

Myths & Texts
Totem Press/Corinth Books, 1960.

Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems
Four Seas Foundation, 1965.

Six Sections from Mountains and Rivers Without End
Four Seasons Foundation, 1965.

A Range of Poems
Fulcrum Press, 1966.

The Back Country
Fulcrum Press, 1967.

Earth House Hold
New Directions, 1969.

Regarding Wave
Windhover Press, 1969.

Six Sections from Mountains and Rivers Without End Plus One
Four Seasons Foundation, 1970.

Turtle Island
New Directions, 1974.

He Who Hunted Birds in His Father's Village: The Dimensions of a Haida Myth
Grey Fox Press, 1979.

Axe Handles
North Point Press, 1983.

Passage through India
Grey Fox Press, 1983.

Left out in the Rain
North Point Press, 1986.

No Nature
Pantheon Books, 1992.



The Old Ways: Six Essays
City Lights Books, 1977.

The Practice of the Wild
North Point Press, 1990.



The Real Work: Interviews and Talks 1964-1979
New Directions, 1980.

Literary Kicks
by Levi Asher