Joe Ferris and model - 1972

Joseph Ferris

Education:   Western Illinois University, Central College, Chicago, Pasadena City College, Calif. B.F.A., M.F.A., Otis Art Institute.

Professional Experience:   Local shows, private collections in U.S., Canada, Mexico, Spain and Poland. Work reproduced in "The Logic and Technique of Painting"

Professional Ambition:   Teaching, Professional painter, design for industrial application.


Joe Ferris is currently working on a series of paintings honoring his friend, and fellow beat artist, John Reed.

Reed worked in San Francisco and Pasadena where he lived invariably by his wits: sometimes in bushes or vacatn buildings, in a historic hotel where he sold the copper plumbing for beer money. Reed was once served an Eviction Notice by the Pasadena Sheriff, pinned on the bush where John slept.